My Inspire

SDC10553 Yesterday I went to the cinema. This picture was the ticket for my favorate movie ” Dear Galileo Teaser” 23/7/2552 . It the same day on evening  that I called to my old friend   Ay  She was a teacher in baltimore (USA) . Every years she come back to Thailand for visit her family . last year she talked to me that next year (2009) mabye she would find me at abord or any where but not thailand. 1 year later on the same months ( july) I still in  Bangkok . and Bad new for me . I lost my job  now! I stayed with little money from ประกันสังคม and own small office accounting. My life was so bad. I lost my job lost my love lost my inspire for alive. Today I have only my vision in my mind that for next year I should stand  where on the world. I still have a dream. I have a picture in my mind. and This ticket was a light of my life . I should go to England next year. I have some friend there.  Ay tell me that the way that I can make my dream come truth is  CRAZY (Last year I got  The scalarship From RECOVERY LANGUEGE SCHOOL)so I have to learn 4 skill reading writing listening talking togather but first of all She told that I must think of english this is the best suggistion for the year to me That why I must type  everything in my blog is English.  Not only this Post but from now  post  and next post  becaust I should think of english .So  every people that come to visit me should know that why I can’t type in Thai

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